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The Classic Seat

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A good chair should prioritise comfort. An excellent chair like the Albu chair by TON takes care of the comfort factor while ensuring top-notch looks as well! This chair takes inspiration from traditional upholstered chairs and reinvents it to suit contemporary settings. Designed in the manner of a curled leaf, the Albu employs time-tested manual wood bending techniques that TON is well known for. The structure consists of a beech frame with a padded seat and an upholstered curved backrest. Neat design, perfect stitching and stress-free ergonomics go into making the Albu a desirable acquisition. The fabric can be customised from a wide range of colours and finishes.

albu armchair is a contemporary upholstered armchair with wood and fabric structure and is suitable for contract hospitality spaces
The Arm Chair album showcases a mesmerizing blend of soulful melodies and introspective lyrics that invite listeners on a profound musical journey.
albu chairs by ton an excellent seating comfort together
The Arm Chair album envelops listeners in a cozy sonic embrace, delivering a soothing and intimate musical experience.

The Albu is ideal for restaurants, hotels and other hospitality areas. No reason why it shouldn’t find a place in your home too!

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