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Contract Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

At Fabiia, we specialize in crafting contract outdoor furniture tailored to your specific needs. With a focus on quality materials and innovative design, we create pieces that enhance outdoor spaces with style, durability, and functionality.

Our Main Features​

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Contract furniture & Experience

At Fabiia, we craft personalized outdoor furniture that reflects your unique style. Handcrafted in Portugal and Italy using custom fabrics and materials, each piece meets rigorous international standards for durability and perfection. With over 17 years of passion and expertise, Fabiia is your trusted partner in bringing your vision to life, ensuring every detail is crafted with care and delivered worldwide to elevate your hospitality space.



At Fabiia, in the strategy stage for contract outdoor furniture, we focus on aligning designs and materials with your vision for stylish and durable outdoor spaces.


During the Exploration stage at Fabiia, we explore your outdoor furniture preferences, brainstorm design ideas, and select ideal materials for bespoke outdoor solutions.


In the visualizing stage at Fabiia, we bring your outdoor furniture concepts to life through detailed designs and renderings, ensuring they align with your vision.


During the coordination stage at Fabiia, we manage timelines, coordinate materials, and oversee craftsmanship to ensure flawless outdoor furniture.


During delivery at Fabiia, we ensure your contract outdoor furniture arrives safely and on schedule, ready to enhance your outdoor spaces with style and durability.

Explore Our Additional Offerings

Interior Design

Fabiia embodies the art of interior design, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality to shape spaces that inspire.

Office Fit Out

Discover Fit out by Fabiia, where spaces are meticulously crafted into functional works of art, merging innovation with practicality in every detail.

Contract Furniture

Elevate your surroundings with meticulously curated pieces that embody both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Some of our recent projects

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