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While drafting our new website we felt that the term ‘blog’ was way too overused and wanted to come up with something along similar lines, but do it up in an entirely novel manner. Thus, we sprang upon the idea of doing an inspiration page! Each inspiration articles featured are actual, well researched articles. What kinds of articles you ask? Well, before we got started there was one thing we were sure of – everyone, from the designer, to the teacher, to the chef, will at some point, be stuck for a bit of inspiration!

If you’ve got a bit of designer’s block, or even if you don’t know the first thing about design, our articles are tailor-made for you! We have tried our hardest to be all-inclusive with our content – from the smallest details to the most glaringly obvious; there is a decent blend of both. A few are design tips, others talk about facts and design history, some might be interviews, while others could help you ‘Get the look!’ Whatever they may read like, each and every one of them is set to inspire!

Angled for Perfection

Angle 3 seater sofa is a contemporary outdoor sofa with teak and rope structure and is suitable for hospitality and contract projects.

The Angle 3 Seater Sofa evokes a sense of nostalgia. Well crafted, this elegant outdoor sofa deftly blends tradition with innovation. Perfect for contemporary surroundings, the Angle is a fine tribute to nature’s wonder with its refined usage of teak. The sofa with ample proportions presents a broad chunky frame in natural solid teak. The […]

A Roomy Cabinet

Dalila cabinet is a contemporary cabinet made of wood, metal and glass, and is suitable for hospitality and residential projects.

The Dalila Cabinet is a visual treat. The refined cabinet makes a wonderful impact amidst a contemporary ambience. But the real utility of the Dalila cabinet lies in its generous proportions. A versatile sideboard for multiple purposes, the cabinet presents a rectangular wood structure with linear lines. The lacquered wood, in attractive finishes, complements the […]

Play of Light and Shadow

Eclipsi wall lamp is a contemporary LED wall lamp made of metal structure and is suitable for hospitality and contract projects.

The Eclipsi Wall Lamp is a delightful play of light. A fun and edgy lamp, the Eclipsi brings forth an illusion of eclipse through its design as the name suggests. The wall lamp is a wonderful addition to contemporary spaces in terms of architectural lighting. The lamp consists of a circular acrylic diffuser with a […]

A Fairy Lamp

Cylinder table lamp is a contemporary LED table lamp with plastic lampshade and oak base is suitable for contract and hospitality projects

The Cylinder Table Lamp is poetry in form. Exquisite in appeal, the Cylinder table lamp appeals to the finer senses with its demeanour. Bringing refinement to contemporary interiors, the table lamp strikes a balance between traditional and modern design aesthetics. The warm and inviting glow from the Cylinder lamp is largely due to its intricate […]

A Slice of the Moon

Circ table lamp is a contemporary LED table lamp with glass lampshade and metal base is suitable for hospitality and contract projects.

The Circ Table Lamp is divine in its appeal. This attractive table lamp looks otherworldly with its delightful impersonation of the moon. Perfectly suited for contemporary interiors, the Circ uplifts the ambience with its refined presence. In addition to a lighting fixture, it shines as an enchanting decor accent. The Circ table lamp consists of […]

The Light that Flows

Bols suspension lamp is a contemporary LED suspension lamp with aluminium frame and is suitable for hospitality and contract projects.

The BOLS Suspension Lamp delights with its profile. In a fun retake of the bird cage, this striking outdoor lamp awes with its attractive design feature. Lighting up contemporary outdoor surroundings, the BOLS has a unique take on light. It captures light while letting it flow unhindered. This is possible with its stylish lampshade. Consisting […]

Circles of Light

Aro suspension lamp is a contemporary LED suspension lamp with metal structure and is suitable for hospitality, contract and retail projects.

The ARO Suspension Lamp draws admiring glances. This lamp brings refinement to the ambience with its glamorous presence. Lighting up contemporary interiors with its well-rounded profile, the ARO adds a fine design element as well. The suspension consists of a circular ring-like structure in metal. Rounded light heads line up the metal ring at regular […]

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