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Category Archives: Scandinavian Design

A Weave in Time: Rattan Furniture

Charlot sofa – Charlot Armchair

At Fabiia, we cannot help but marvel at the creative thought that goes behind forming Rattan furniture. A transformative process, rattan goes from raw strands of fibre into the most fluid chairs, sofas and tables. These pieces might grace the interiors of your homes or sit proud in sun-kissed backyards, amidst sprawling green lawns. Donatello […]

Light years ahead: Lightyears

The year 2016 began with a bang at Fabiia with the 10th year anniversary celebrations of our company and addition of the prestigious Scandinavian lighting brand Lightyears to our portfolio. Founded in 2005 in Denmark, Lightyears seeks to renew Danish lighting traditions through the fusion of the young with the established. Lightyears designs are conceived […]

Design Marvels from Swedese

‘Let’s get going and see what happens’. A seemingly innocuous and mild statement made by a certain Swedish gentleman over six decades ago was the germination of a revolution in modern furniture design. In the year 1945, two brothers Yngve and Jerker Ekström and Sven Bertil Sjöqvist laid the foundation of Swedese, their dream venture […]

Happy Interiors: The Scandinavian Design Ethos

Royalty has fascinated generations of humans for ages. The opulence rich indulgence that generally defines a royal lifestyle has been looked upon with admiration and awe. Yet this feeling was perhaps not without that tinge of regret because of the sense of the unattainable attached to it. The social revolutions of the nineteenth century had […]