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Category Archives: Style

Re-inventing Boutique hotels – The Mid Century Modern way

Mid century furniture for hotel Option 1

Boutique hotels are the new buzzwords in the hospitality industry. They happily fill the space between high-end hotels and bed and breakfast options. A boutique hotel can create a niche of its own, given the right ambience and, more importantly, the right selection of boutique furniture. A boutique hotel’s appeal lies in its pan appeal […]

Contract Furniture – Mantra for a Restaurant’s Success

Contract Furniture Fabiia UK

Hospitality is competitive business and restaurant furniture sets the tone of a hotel. The hallmark of a restaurant is its decor and cafe furniture as also pub furniture plays an elemental role in its branding. The prime goal of a hotel or restaurant is to make its customers feel cherished. To make your guests feel […]

The Italian Lighting Mavericks

From the brilliant minds of Italian craftsmen and designers, comes a collection of lighting with exemplary design. Having been specified in countries all over the world, this collection is instilled with a uniqueness that comes by only through the vivid exploration and fusion, of different materials and styles. Combining hand-blown glass with plastic, or traditional […]