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Category Archives: Contract Furniture

Fabiia’s contract furniture range to jazz up restaurants

Fabiia’s Contract furniture Range

When you walk into hotels and restaurants, the first thing takes catches your attention is the decor and furniture in display. And even you if are looking to renovate interiors contract furniture sure enhances the appeal! The first and foremost aspect of Hotels and restaurants under construction is the furniture to be procured. Contract furniture […]

Furniture for hotels and restaurants- A Luxe Affair!


Hotels have moved on from utilitarian and need based accommodations to eclectic spaces and have opened a whole new vista of design possibilities. Hospitality is a competitive arena and one aspect that sets a particular hotel apart from others is a mix of luxury and comfort. The one USP that draws a customer, time and […]

Redoing Office Spaces – With Italian Sensibilities


Ever walked into an office and been impressed by the smart, professional setup? Chances are that the furniture used had a lot to contribute to that experience. Office spaces are all about productive work and creative enhancement. In this regard, office furniture holds the key to uplifting the overall look and feel. Office furniture like […]

Outdoor dining rattan furniture – In sync with nature


The outdoors are an intrinsic part of our lives and hold as much significance as the indoors if not more. Patios and garden areas help us coexist in sync with nature. A wonderful way to build on this experience is to use the right garden furniture. Wicker patio furniture is elemental in its structure and […]

Contract Furniture – Mantra for a Restaurant’s Success

Contract Furniture Fabiia UK

Hospitality is competitive business and restaurant furniture sets the tone of a hotel. The hallmark of a restaurant is its decor and cafe furniture as also pub furniture plays an elemental role in its branding. The prime goal of a hotel or restaurant is to make its customers feel cherished. To make your guests feel […]