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While drafting our new website we felt that the term ‘blog’ was way too overused and wanted to come up with something along similar lines, but do it up in an entirely novel manner. Thus, we sprang upon the idea of doing an inspiration page! Each inspiration articles featured are actual, well researched articles. What kinds of articles you ask? Well, before we got started there was one thing we were sure of – everyone, from the designer, to the teacher, to the chef, will at some point, be stuck for a bit of inspiration!

If you’ve got a bit of designer’s block, or even if you don’t know the first thing about design, our articles are tailor-made for you! We have tried our hardest to be all-inclusive with our content – from the smallest details to the most glaringly obvious; there is a decent blend of both. A few are design tips, others talk about facts and design history, some might be interviews, while others could help you ‘Get the look!’ Whatever they may read like, each and every one of them is set to inspire!

Camden chair with the restaurant Look

The Comfort Factor

Reinterpreting the classic designs to suit the modern tastes has been the Italian brand Very Wood’s design ethos. This sentiment is amply evident in Camden

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Harmony armchair domkapa post

Harmony Armchair

An armchair is meant to provide the ultimate relaxation.  Going beyond its primary role as a seating option, the modern armchair is also an association

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Alanis dining chair post

A Classic weave!

Relaxation and chairs are synonymous. As seating solutions, chairs have been in the reckoning for ages and comfortable dining chairs are almost an elemental necessity.

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