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With a rich history dating as far back as 1861, the Czech furniture enterprise TON is bound to be steeped in timeless tradition. Starting off as pioneers in the field of bent furniture, the house of TON has an enviable record of having produced tons of furniture pieces quite literally since the time of its inception. Armed with technology handed down from generation to generation, TON prides itself in providing a platform for man and nature to coexist in harmony. Fabiia is honoured to present TON creations that speak of natural beauty combined with human ingenuity.

When it comes to furniture manufacturing, TON has perfected the art of manual wood bending techniques thus upholding the strong and rich legacy of generations. Specializing in beech wood furniture, which started off because of close proximity to verdant beech forests, TON has infused the age-old technique with modern innovations to give it a contemporary finish. Fabiia’s acumen for design dynamics has helped in collaborating with the house of TON and giving it a pride of place in their wide collection of furniture.
TON, which literally translates to ‘Factory of Bentwood Furniture’ in Czech has been spearheading this manufacturing art since ages and has done monumental research work in achieving perfection. From selecting the variety of wood, to grading them according to colour and material, right down to treating them to attain stability and strength, their involvement is phenomenal. Most of the designs have been handed down over time, and changes have been incorporated keeping in sync with current design sensibilities. The 18 Beech Wood Dining Chair and Bar Stool, for instance, traces its design history back to 1876. A backrest is created with manually bent rod that forms the outline. It is available in a number of colours and finishes. The 14 Dining chair from TON is fitted with options of cane and upholstered seat.

The beech wood used by TON offers the best bending capacity when treated under controlled conditions. This gives it the malleability needed to create forms and structures to specifications. The 811 series consisting of chair, armchair and barstool is based on Joseph Hofman’s design from 1930. The main highlight of the series is the woven cane backseat that exudes the warmth of tradition. There is a choice of natural lacquer or colour finishes for some pieces. The 33 Dining Chair by TON is again an ageless piece offering functional versatility.

Fabiia is committed to stringent quality control and TON’s products provide matchless quality. Their Valencia series of wood furniture are statement pieces by themselves. The Valencia Dining Chair is a classic design with an ergonomic backrest. A solid wood construction ensures strength and firmness. The seat comes in upholstered and plywood versions. The Valencia Bar Stool is a sleek in style and prime in comfort. And how can we not mention the 30 Dining Chair Beech Wood with stains, a classic masterpiece from TON, with origins dating back to 1903?!

TON epitomises excellence in tradition and Fabiia endorses wholeheartedly!