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The Roomy Chest: Recto Case

recto case the roomy chest recto case fabiiacom

The Recto Case is that friend who safely keeps all your secrets! This wonderful chest from Vincent Sheppard is a multifunctional storage solution that can fit in random corners of any contemporary interior. Vincent Sheppard has been pioneering the Llyod Loom, that wonder material made from steel and paper, and the Recto showcases fine artisanship in all glory. A rectangular, roomy case, the Recto features deep storage space and the entire structure is made of tight Llyod Loom weave over an aluminium frame. The cover is artistically rounded and comes with a hinge.

recto case the roomy chest recto case fabiiacom
recto case

The smooth finish of this handcrafted case ensures that there’s no snagging of clothes, blankets and a host of items that may be stored inside. A wide array of palettes makes the Recto a winning solution for all storage woes!

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