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Vincent Sheppard

Vincent Sheppard Lloyd Loom Furniture

Chairing is caring. This delightful take on the age old ‘sharing is caring’ captures the warm ethos of Vincent Sheppard, a celebrated designing and manufacturing company housed in Belgium. Fabiia delights in presenting you the master craftsmanship of their furniture, further amplifying the joy of sharing! A carefully picked selection of statement furniture like the Kodo cocoon lounge chair or the Gipsy dining chair is bound to impress you with their perfection. It is indeed a joy to behold the mastery of design in stellar pieces like the Loop dining chair or the Edgard dining chair wonderfully offset by the stately Leo dining table.

Vincent Sheppard has been pioneering and upholding the authentic weaving technique known as Lloyd Loom. This time-tested art of weaving dreams in the form of furniture finds expression in several of their creations. The Gypsy dining chair is one such fine specimen of artistic acumen and so is the smartly designed Loop dining chair.

One of the guiding principles of Vincent Sheppard is an intense and conscious concern for the environment and this awareness translates into a thoughtful implementation of sustainable processes in working with natural resources and in creating all their products. Fabiia strongly advocates this credo of ecological consciousness and hence shoulders this commitment towards nature with care and responsibility.

When it comes to the Fabiia selection of Vincent Sheppard furniture, one can just nod in admiration at the thoughtful choice. Take the Kodo cocoon for instance. This wonderful creation in tactile rope and sturdy aluminium is akin to a woven dream. It’ll be difficult to wean oneself away from the relaxed comfort of the Kodo cocoon lounge chair’s ensconcing feel! The winged back invites you to lie back in blissful surrender. Just try it we say!

A remarkable feature of Vincent Sheppard creations is a seamless amalgamation of beauty and comfort in their furniture. The strong ethics of ecological accountability further enhances their brand value. A look at the Gypsy dining will reinforce this idea. A design marvel, the Gypsy dining chair is delicately woven wicker on an aluminium frame, standing on a strong steel base. The pleasant choice of colours in black, old lace and mocca is a bonus. A perfect example of old world charm we vouch!

Fabiia has been consistent in advocating the need to realign with nature. The Edgard dining chair and even the Loop dining chair mirrors this sentiment along with the rustic Leo dining table. The Loop dining chair is a striking mix of design dynamics and astute functionality. Available in serene earthy colours, the easily stackable Loop dining chair in sleek aluminium enhances both interior and outdoor settings. The Edgard dining chair is yet another fascinating vision. Pair it with the artless Leo dining table for a perfect combination.
Fabiia eclectic array of Vincent Sheppard furniture is a winning choice by far. We invite you to relax in the Kodo cocoon with perhaps a coffee on the Leo dining table by your side?!

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Wicked Lounge Sofa 3S By Vincent Sheppard