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Wood ‘n’ Glass

Tripod Table | Wood ‘n’ Glass |

The contrasting elements of wood and glass bring an amazing artisanal elegance to the Tripod Table. Sculpted to perfection, the Tripod is just the right centrepiece for contemporary and stylish interiors. Inspired by Japanese architectural elements, the table features a base of three solid planks of wood in an intersectional pattern. While lending it solidity of structure, the dark-hued wood beautifully offsets the rectangular transparent tempered glass top. The base comes in oak and walnut finishes. The adaptable size of the Tripod makes it ideal for versatile uses such as a meeting or a dining table. The transparent glass allows a full display of the artistic assembly of the base.

The Tripod table can be used for a variety of purposes in residential, contract and hospitality outfits.

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