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The Naturally Attractive Pendant

Volum Pendant Lamp | The Naturally Attractive Pendant

Exquisite hand craftsmanship is but of the winning points of the Volum Pendant Lamp. A stunning pendant with a unique approach, the Volum adds much more than just illumination to contemporary interiors. The Volum stands out in a stunning display of shapes and colours. The pendant consists of a pear-shaped frame brought about by placing thin curved wooden slats in a circular structure. The special design allows warm diffused light to filter through, effectively cutting out the glare. The hand-manufactured Volum makes use of only certified sustainable wood to create its profile.

The natural finish of the wood lends it a distinctive character. Used as a lamp over dining tables, living rooms and hallways, this pendant acts as an alluring decorative fixture to hospitality and residential spaces.

Volum Pendant Lamp | The Naturally Attractive Pendant
Volum pendant lamp

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