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Shine like a Diamond!

viki suspension lamp panzeri blog

Appearing like an uncut diamond, the Viki Suspension Lamp is bound to be brilliant! This alluring creation from Panzeri breaks boundaries with its novel design innovation. An unusual play on form and symmetry coupled with the choice of material steers this suspension off the chartered path to script design glory. An asymmetric polygonal wireframe is sheathed with bi-elastic fire retardant fabric to make the lampshade. The stretchable quality of the fabric allows it to be moulded perfectly without crumpling or losing its tautness. The suspension uses 2 or even 3 LED retrofits for soft diffused light filtering through the diaphanous white fabric. The resultant effect is captivating. Use the Viki to enhance the mood lighting of contemporary interiors across residential and hospitality spaces.

viki suspension lamp panzeri
The Vickuy Suspension lamp blends modern design with a touch of elegance, casting a warm and inviting glow in any space.

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