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Eastern Glow

tora pendant lamp eastern glow fabiiacom

Bring the romance of the Arabian Nights to your interiors with the Tora Pendant Lamp! This ceramic pendant lamp from Miniforms draws inspiration from the Arabic lanterns and old oil wick lamps of yore. Loving crafted with a detailed finish, the Tora envelops the surroundings with its antique charm. The Tora features an upturned pot-like structure with embellishments. Mindful of quality control, the ceramic body is hand-finished to perfection and comes in a range of matt pastel hues. The soft palette enhances the appeal of this luminaire. Suspended by a cable, this pendant provides a direct downlight and can be used for task lighting needs.

Using a single feature or in clusters of various shades, the Tora adds verve to contemporary interiors of residential, contract and hospitality settings.

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