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The New Year Arrives!

The New Year Arrives! |

A brand new year means a brand new beginning! While it evokes a sense of contemplation and sobriety about the year gone by, it’s also the time to start afresh with renewed vigour. Like trees shedding off withered leaves to spring new shoots, it’s time to shed off the despondency and ennui and get into the groove of things! While resolutions get broken often, it’s best to take baby steps, one step at a time. Start off with that little corner in the house which can do with a makeover maybe! Get a cosy lounge chair, throw a colourful rug and say cheerios! Get a new headboard and see the bedroom transform. How about revamping the balcony or patio furniture? A spot of brightness goes a long way. Sprinkle some magic with enchanting garden lights!  We wish you a very happy and fulfilling New Year!

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