Stranger, but warmly welcome!

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Contemporary interiors often display a love for the offbeat. Bold chiselled lines, quirky metaphors, a brush with the unknown are some of the elements one gets to experience in contemporary decor. But that is not to say that it’s completely out of sync with the old. No way! Modern interiors also show a strong affinity towards classic forms and styles.  Contemporary trends are marked by design sentiments which strive to reinvent traditional design with a modern approach, often with great success. This is very evident in the styles adapted by the most ubiquitous of seating solutions, the chair. Contemporary chair styles draw heavily from design forms of yore and restructure them, keeping in mind modern sensibilities. The armchair is a seating option that banks heavily on the time-tested format. The Stranger Chair by Domkapa is one such fresh take on traditional design. Being no stranger to contemporary interiors, this armchair is popular for the wonderful versatility it displays. Sculpted in comfort, the Stranger chair fits very well in the accent chair category. A sleek texturized steel frame features a high backrest and upholstered seat, complete with armrest, in one fluid finish.  If you thought it was too officious, just look out for those brushed gold details on the frame!

stranger chair domkapa
Stranger Chair Domkapa is a unique and stylish furniture piece that adds a touch of intrigue to any room.

The Stranger is the kind of chair you’d like to pull and sit by your work desk and it’s equally at home playing host when you have extra guests at home. See the kind of repertoire it has?! The ergonomics of this armchair will take care of your posture when you have to sit for long hours. That’s what makes this chair a great choice both for homes and work places. You really need to own a couple of these armchairs! It’s a contemporary choice that’s timeless in appeal!

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Stranger Chair Domkapa is a unique and contemporary furniture piece that blends comfort and aesthetics seamlessly.
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Stranger Chair by Domkapa is a captivating blend of modern design and timeless elegance.

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