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Trolley Techniques

Romeo Trolley | Trolley Techniques |

What is the difference between a table and a trolley? The answer is so simple that it may be amusing too. A trolley is not only more versatile in utility aspects but it can be also be conveniently pushed on wheels. That is the difference also in the way we approach situations and emotions in life. We put our petty issues and everyday problems on a table, instead of placing them on a trolley which can be easily moved away and carted off.

Romeo Trolley | Trolley Techniques |

This is a Demark based Sika Design rattan trolley. It looks compact but it can serve an important purpose. The trolley can be placed anywhere, it can serve multiple uses, and when not needed, can effortlessly remain unseen in an obscured corner.

Applying these useful trolley techniques for all aspects of life will surely benefit us in many ways.

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