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A Boxful of Glowing Light

rettangolo wall lamp a boxful of glowing light

With clean essential lines, the Rettangolo Wall Lamp is a resplendent glowing box. A minimalist wall lamp with sleek contemporary design aesthetics, the Rettangolo brings refinement to stylish living spaces. Enhanced by neat geometric lines, the wall lamp features a rectangle lamp shade mounted on the wall. The lampshade comes in cotton, polyester or hand-pleated fabric that enlivens its character manifold. The sleek box-like frame holding the light source is open at both ends, thus allowing upward and downward directional glow.

The Rettangolo creates a cosy atmosphere with its soft diffused glow filtering through its fabric frame. Available in a range of palettes to go with the ambience, this wall lamp can provide pleasant accent lighting in hospitality, residential and contract spaces

rettangolo wall lamp a boxful of glowing light
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