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P.O.V. Dining Table: Sleek Chic

P.O.V. Dining Table: Sleek Chic |

An acronym for a ‘point of view’ the P.OV table is a minimalistic and sleek modular table that can be customised according to personal choices thanks to its organic design. This innovatively conceived dining table features a range of artistically shaped table tops and bases that can be combined to create various ensemble tables. The base is the focal point of the P.O.V table. Interesting shapes, such as truncated cones, form the bottom of the table, which has been created from a variety of wood like beech, oak and American walnut. The dining table sports a rectangular top with rounded edges. Available in natural and painted finishes, the table can set the tone of any contemporary setting.  This table can beautifully accentuate cafes, restaurants and other hospitality and contract spaces.

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