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The New Shape of Light

ottovolante pendant lamp the new shape of light

A delightful blend of shapes and form, the Ottovolante Pendant Lamp creates an impressive visual display. A uniquely shaped pendant, the highlight of the Ottovolante is its play with forms and colours. The pendant features an evocatively curved and rounded lampshade, think a guitar body, fitted with an opal plexiglass diffuser at the bottom end. The shade comes in cotton or pleated fabric in a plethora of attractive colours and there are other finishes to choose from as well. The expansive pendant, suspended by wires, covers large areas with its effulgent glow.

Ideal for both directional and ambient lighting, the Ottovolante can also serve as a winsome design feature for contemporary interiors. This pendant brings modern elegance to hospitality and contract interiors, a wonderful choice.

ottovolante pendant lamp the new shape of light
<em>ottovolante pendant lamp<em>
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