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Ombrella Pendant Lamp: Two-tiered Light

ombrella pendant lamp by modo luce b1

An impressive umbrella of light, shielding a light source, makes up the aptly named Ombrella Pendant Lamp. Created by Modo Luce, this pendant is a blend of smart design and functional aesthetics. An alluring interplay of light reflections defines the Ombrella. A wide-painted metal disc is fitted over a smaller disc holding the LED light source. There’s no sophisticated artistry in the Ombrella yet it outshines with its elegance. The pendant’s upper disc helps in bouncing off the light from the LED positioned in the lower element creating ambient indirect light. The lower disc also comes in several finishes. The perfect light fixture for indirect lighting, this pendant is ideal for enlightening dining areas and large spaces of contemporary hospitality, retail and commercial interiors.

ombrella pendant lamp by modo luce in office space
The Ombrella Pendant Lamp by Modo Luce combines minimalist design with soft, diffused lighting, creating a captivating focal point for any space.
ombrella pendant lamp by modo luce with a close look
The Ombrella Pendant Lamp by Modo Luce offers a contemporary twist on traditional lighting, with its elegant and versatile design.

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