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Nucleo Pendant Lamp: Future Vibes

nucleo pendant lamp by modo luce blog

A sophisticated blend of innovation and design dynamics results in the stirring experience called the Nucleo Pendant Lamp! This exquisite pendant by Modo Luce is an elucidation of how effortlessly technology and art can combine to create the sublime! The Nucleo features an elliptical metal frame in painted aluminium that houses an illuminated disc. Quite like the sun that traverses an elliptical path, the LED-powered disc can be glided along the length of the frame. This makes it possible to choose the point of illumination. Customisation at its best! The Nucleo also comes with two light discs and a choice of finishes. Suspended by thin metal wires, the Nucleo provides direct downward light. This suspension can uplift the look of contemporary hospitality, contract and commercial environments.

nucleo pendant lamp by modo luce with close look
The Nucleo pendant lamp from Modo Luce showcases a harmonious fusion of minimalism and sophistication, making it a statement piece for contemporary interiors.
nucleo pendant lamp by modo luce in reading area
The Nucleo pendant lamp by Modo Luce illuminates spaces with a mesmerizing blend of industrial chic and artistic flair, adding a touch of elegance to any room.

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