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A bedroom is undoubtedly the most intimate of spaces in our home. It’s the place where we unwind and relax after a long day. It’s also a space we call our very own, one that provides us with the much needed personal space. But does that mean a bedroom can be left in a state of perpetual disarray?! Certainly not, there should be a method to the madness as well!  Jest aside, the bedroom, and the bed, of course, should be an extension of our personality. The bed in particular, in addition to being comfortable, must display a character that’s unique to us. A splendid way to introduce that exclusive touch is to have a headboard.  Simply said, a headboard is a sure shot way to give your bedroom decor a head start! Speaking of which, we have just the thing for you! The Natalia headboard by Sika Design can change the entire look of a bedroom and we’re not exaggerating!

A svelte woven frame in rattan, the Natalia headboard displays the exotic workmanship of the skilled weavers. The delicate look of the two-dimensional frame belies the strength of its structural form. A headboard might look like just a quirky piece of ornamentation it does a wonderful job of protecting the bed from abrasion. The Natalia headboard can be used along with any bed given its very adaptable style. The beautiful silhouette of the headboard against the starkness of the wall does wonder to the entire setting of the bedroom. This headboard can be placed against the wall or can be hung behind the bed, choose your preference. If minimal decor is your choice, the Natalia headboard is the only thing you need, to elevate the bedroom interiors.  The natural sheen of this rattan headboard is bound to allure you into submission!


The Natalia headboard by Sika Design

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