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Milleluci Pendant Lamp: A Halo of Light

milleluci pendant lamp by modo luce blog

The Milleluci Pendant Lamp brings a festive look to interior environments. A Modo Luce creation, the Milleluci is rich in detail and traditional in concept. A classic frame with modern touches makes this charming pendant an alluring addition to contemporary living spaces. The Milleluci suspension is striking because of its expansive dimensions. A broad lampshade in a truncated cone design makes up the structure of this lamp. The attractive lampshade comes in cotton or plisse fabric and there are a plethora of colours to choose from. An opal plexiglass diffuser shields the LED light source which makes it perfect for an even dispersion of light. Available in many sizes, the presence of a Milleluci luminaire is enough to light up large areas in hospitality, contract and residential settings.

milleluci pendant lamp by modo luce blog 1
The Milleluci Pendant Lamp is a captivating fusion of art and illumination, showcasing a delicate interplay of glass and light.
milleluci pendant lamp by modo luce with close look
The Milleluci Pendant Lamp is an exquisite and intricate lighting fixture that combines timeless elegance with modern design.

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