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A Versatile Stool

milk stool a versatile stool fabiiacom

The Milk Stool is a delightful piece. Fun and stylish, the stool is a fond recall of the chairs used in rural settings while milking and hence the name. The Milk Stool reinvents itself in a modern avatar to cater to various needs in contemporary spaces. The stool outdoes itself in functionality and can be adapted to customised needs. It features a rounded seat in wooden beech. The seat is mounted on a tripod made of tubular steel in lacquered finishes. The three legs are interconnected at the lower end with a T- shaped frame that also serves as the footrest.

milk stool a versatile stool fabiiacom
milk stool

The natural sheen of the seat contrasts well with the metal. Coming in three sizes, the Milk serves multiple purposes both outdoors and indoors given its mobility. The Milk stool is an asset in hospitality, residential and contract areas.

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