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Milk Lamp: The Charmer

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There can be little as quaintly attractive as the Milk Lamp! An outdoor lighting solution from Ethimo, the Milk Lamp is a charming solar outdoor lamp that’s handy as it is functional. As evinced from the name, the Milk adopts the shape of a milk bottle in sandblasted glass, the reason for its translucent finish. It features a teak ‘bottle‘ cover or top that holds a solar panel for powering the bulb beneath it. A leather band attached to the top allows easy mobility of the lamp. The Milk is essentially an instance of pop art with sustainable goals! The wireless solar hybrid energy needed to power the Lamp is renewable, cost-effective and eco-friendly as well! The Milk serves both as a decorative element and an illumining feature in contemporary hospitality and residential outdoor spaces.

milk lamp by ethimo
The Milk Lamp by Ethimo is a stylish outdoor lighting solution that combines classic design with modern functionality.

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