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Food is much more than a primaeval human need. It’s also a labour of love that sustains and fulfils us at the same time. The act of partaking in meals is also given the deserved respect across cultures and sitting in for dinner is a daily ritual of sorts. A dining room or kitchen is the place where families get together around the dining table for fulfilling conversation and food of course! A dining table is thus an intrinsic part of a home setting. Just as food cannot be seen as merely a means to an end, a dining table also has to move beyond its utilitarian function. The Michel teak dining table does precisely that!

A classing offering from the house of Sika Design, this teak dining table can effectively lend your dining room that exclusive touch of an understated class. Modern decor styles lay much emphasis on breathing living furniture over staid ornate pieces and the Michel teak dining table is that welcome breath of freshness. Sika Design consistently strives to promote sustainable living through their furniture and the Michel teak dining table epitomises that vision. A wonderfully crafted design in teak, this table features a round top perched on a delicately curved tripod-like base.

The hallmark of this alluring table is its artless structural design. The warm natural sheen of this teak dining table almost brings the sunny outdoors inside! The Michel teak dining table also works great in small kitchen dining spaces given its very practical size. It is also the ideal choice for an intimate romantic dinner. Pair it with a couple of rattan chairs for a perfect setting. Bring home this dining table to enjoy companionable dinner times!


The Michel Teak Dining Table

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