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Maggese Table: Visual Art

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The Maggese Table by Miniforms is decidedly an artist’s delight! A heady melange of lightness and formality, structure and form, the Maggese assumes sculptural finesse with its design execution. The dining table is dreamily easy on the eye given its delicate demeanour. A melange of planes and angles, this table elevates contemporary environments with its aesthetics. The table features a sleek rectangular top fitted over two vertical metal plates that serve as legs. The beauty of the support base lies in its design. Two thin plates on either side are bent at an angle resembling a folded piece of paper almost in a reference to origami! The tabletop comes in materials like oak, walnut, ceramic, marble and lacquered finishes. This table can grace both residential and hospitality interiors.

maggese table by miniforms
The Maggese table by Miniforms is a sleek and modern dining table designed to effortlessly blend style and functionality.

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