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Jack Dining Chairs with Albert Dining Table


The Jack dining chairs with an Albert dining table is all about honoring traditions. Since its inception in 1992, Vincent Sheppard has woven the thread of paper base Lloyd Loom to such beauty and incredible styles, that it is much demanded and admired even today. These long lasting, prolonged use worthy Jack dining chairs are an Avant-Garde twist on the traditional tub shape chair. This enhances the rounded seating comfort and present-day interior décor ideas and concepts.  Remarkable finishing makes it an extremely viable option for those looking for a furniture piece that fits any space and décor.


The choice of colors is myriad. Both for the loom as well as for the cushions accompanying the chairs. The chairs are fitted with nylon or felt glides to prevent screeching or scratching marks on the floor. Easy to maintain with just a simple moist towel with mild and natural soap will be enough to keep it dust free and clean.

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