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The Essential Form of Light

galileo lounge pendant lamp the essential form of light

Exhibiting an alluring play of light and shadow, the Galileo Lounge Pendant Lamp is a connoisseur’s delight. A refined pendant with a sculptural profile, the Galileo awes with its minimalist style and sophisticated elegance. This contemporary suspension lamp features two curved metal brackets joined at the ends to form a seamless circle of light. The brackets are fitted with LED modules that provide efficient illumination. The Galileo is suspended from two ends by wires that allow adjustable heights. The pendant comes in a range of attractive painted finishes.

With its soft diffusive glow, the pendant creates an evocative atmosphere that is spellbinding. Looking admirable in compositions, this pendant can effectively light up large areas in hospitality and contract interiors with panache.

galileo lounge pendant lamp the essential form of light
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