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The Armchair that Invites

colony armchair is a contemporary armchair with metal, wood and straw structure and is suitable for hospitality and contract projects

The Colony Armchair celebrates tradition. Exuding panache, this armchair is truly a designer’s creation. Meant for contemporary environments, the Colony impresses with its deft balance of varied materials. The armchair features an enveloping seat shell fitted to a metal base. The lacquered base sports four legs with a play on asymmetry. The frame, composed of bent Canaletto walnut or beech, resembles a hexagon with wider segments forming the seat and backrest. The encircling sides serve as armrests. The seat is composed of Vienna Straw whose open webbed design gives it lightness and comfort.

colony armchair miniforms in out door
The Colony armchair by Miniforms combines contemporary design with ergonomic comfort, making it a stylish and functional addition to any living space.

The Colony armchair can also be used outdoors as well. Supplied with cosy cushions, the Colony can become an alcove of relaxation when placed in hospitality and contract settings.

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