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Playing with elemental shapes, the Clip Pendant Light enhances its functionality as a lighting solution by several notches. This Modo Luce pendant accords a tangible form to the path of light. Structurally minimalist, this pendant features a basic metal frame in the shape of a capsule outline. Two curved inner shells are fitted inside the frame. While the upward-facing painted aluminium frame cradles the LED light source, the down-facing opal glass diffuser aids in the soft diffusion of light. The resultant effect is one of serenity and sophistication. With the metal frame available in attractive shades, the Clip can blend in with the existing decor of any contemporary interior. Suspended by steel wires, the Clip can ably provide task lighting for residential and hospitality requirements.

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The Clip Pendant Light is a modern and versatile lighting fixture with a minimalist design, perfect for adding elegance to any space.
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The Clip Pendant Light features a sleek and adjustable design, making it a stylish and functional addition to any room.

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