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As seating solutions, sofas have been in use for decades. From country classics like the slipcovered sofa to the modern leather sofa, right down to the nature-inspired cane and rattan sofas, there’s a variety to suit every type of decor.  A sofa provides centrality to the existing living room decor and, in most cases, becomes the focal point. It is the piece of furniture that inspires and encourages human bonding and togetherness. The warm bonhomie between friends and family is best experienced over cups of coffee and the relaxed comfort of a sofa! Choosing a sofa can be a bit of a bother given the plethora of choices on offer. But one simply can’t go wrong with the Chloe sofa, an offering from the Portuguese design brand Domkapa.

The Chloe sofa is a mesmerizing creation of aesthetic form and versatile function. A stylish statement in luxury, the Chloe defies convention with a flourish! Minimalist in appeal and arresting in design, the Chloe sofa features a smooth soft curvature for its back. And you’ll simply love how the rounded seat blossoms out on one side, giving the effect of a guitar body! And wait, there’s more!

The structure of the Chloe sofa rests on a sleek steel base that has been brushed in rose gold. Talk about detailing! The sophistication that this sofa exudes makes it the star of any decor it adorns. The additional throw cushions give it a complete and rounded look.  The Chloe is the perfect choice when you want to add some character to your living room. But this sofa can equally fit the study or den. Need a sofa for the master bedroom?  Placing the Chloe sofa might just see you curling up on it for a comfy nap; the bed can go take a hike!

chloe sofa domkapa
Chloe sofa Close up View.

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