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Bistro Chairs from Sika


The word “Bistro” instantly conjures an image of a roadside café in a quaint little town in Paris. It is almost impossible to disassociate the word “Bistro” from the place “Paris”. But this in no way limits the endless possibilities of recreating any space into a charming, chic and curious “Bistro” anywhere the sun shines generously and where the meals served are quick. An intimate and local “Bistro” can be recreated just as well wherever there exists a homely friendly ambiance. Oh, and also where the perfect choice of “Bistro” chairs is arranged conveniently and comfortably.  


These “Bistro” chairs from Sika are not just ideal, but inviting too. The single-seater combined with a 2-seater “Bistro” couch from Sika Designs effortlessly recreates an idyllic setting of a cozy “Bistro” café.

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