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Sophistication is an enhanced attribute of the human psyche and a trained eye can seek it out even in the most mundane of things. Now a dining chair and table set can be the most utilitarian of furniture items but it can also attain a heightened stature of its own based on the design parameters. An armchair complements a dining table like the proverbial icing on the cake. It’s also the place to comfortably settle in when you dive into that delicious creamy delight!  An armchair has been part of the interior design landscape for a long and has undergone a variety of design transformations.  From displaying a casual aesthetic to lending that royal touch to its surroundings, the armchair can do it all. The comfort factor, of course, is the prime driver while picking an armchair.  The Bellevue Dining Armchair from the house of Verywood is a perfect coming together of luxury and comfort.

An ideal foil to the functional dining table, the Bellevue armchair provides the right balance of practicality and aesthetics to the surroundings.  The familiar lines of beechwood legs are beautifully offset by the fabric or leather upholstery of its plush seat.  The Bellevue armchair employs elastic webbing in its upholstery for a snug, crease-free fit. Elegant, soft colour palettes ensure that you can pair this armchair with any decor of your preference.  What’s an armchair without a wide seat? This armchair from Verywood will delight you with its curved backrest and deep seating inviting you to relax in its comfortable depths. Again the discipline in form and structure of this dining armchair allows you to place a number of them side by side, without crowding the space.  Time to sit back and relax!

Bellevue Dining Chair in Beech Natural

Bellevue Dining Armchair in Beech Natural

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