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The Avion Pendant Light gives the thrill of seeing miniature versions of Zeppelin airships over interior spaces! A captivating creation by Fritz Hansen, the Avion™ is inspired by the designer’s childhood fascination for these airships. An oval-shaped pendant in polyethylene, this diaphanous fluid form emits soft diffused light appearing like glowing halos floating above! This pendant light can be suspended from the ceiling with hanging wires that allow adjustment of height and light angle. The Avion™ can be used in multiples to create interesting compositions. This LED light can transform the ambience of contemporary interiors with its ethereal appeal. The Avion™ is perfectly suited for large spaces such as halls, corridors, lobbies and reception areas in hotels and other hospitality areas.

avion pendant light fritz hansen with bright light
The Avion pendant light by Fritz Hansen combines sleek Scandinavian design with innovative lighting technology to create a stunning and functional lighting fixture.
avion pendant light fritz hansen in indoor
The Avion pendant light from Fritz Hansen seamlessly marries modern elegance with timeless craftsmanship, illuminating spaces with both style and sophistication.

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