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The Master Bed

The Anny Bed: The Master Bed |

Bringing sophistication to contemporary bedroom decor is the Anny Bed from Laskasas. A stylish platform bed, the Anny makes a definitive statement with its strong yet understated character. With straight lines and an impressive presence, this master bed makes a powerful impact on the surrounding ambience. The Anny sports a strong frame made of walnut and is entirely upholstered with plush fabric. The edges are smoothly curved to give it a refined look. Linear panels on the padded headboard add to the refinement. The neutral tones of the bed are offset by certain design details in the form of entrenched panels in gold polished stainless steel. The slim metal accents add a certain pizzazz to the soft, cosy appearance. Bedrooms in hospitality and residential outfits deserve this classy bed!

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