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The Barstool with the Right Proportions

barstool the barstool with the right proportions

Rich and classy, the 73 Barstool is a winner by all accounts. This trendy yet sophisticated barstool redefines craftsmanship thanks to an intensive manufacturing process. Made from natural beech wood, the 73 barstool exemplifies the art of manual bentwood processing. The versatile seating piece has a round seat perched upon four straight legs. Eight manually bent wood joints form the connection between the legs at two levels. While reinforcing the strength of the frame, it adds to the barstool’s artistic appearance. The firmly upholstered seat provides ample and comfortable support.

The 73 barstool comes in natural and lacquered versions. Given its durability, owing to the steaming process, and elegant looks this barstool is perfect for contemporary hospitality and residential outfits.

barstool the barstool with the right proportions
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