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The Warm-Toned Chair

split lounge chair the warm toned chair fabiiacom

The Split Lounge Chair impresses with its presence. A lounge chair with magnanimous proportions, the Split chair is a welcome space in contemporary interiors. The chair awes with its generous profile and a deft blend of materials. A high backrest defines the Split lounge chair.  The linear outline of the back dips slightly at the sides and extends to form the armrests. The massive base is roomy enough to allow hours of ergonomic seating comfort. Composed of beech wood in various finishes, the seat frame is supported by slender legs made from bent wood with sharply angled back legs for structural stability.

split lounge chair the warm toned chair fabiiacom
split lounge chair

The Spilt lounge chair is fully upholstered in plush fabric in a host of colours. As a cosy seating option, the Split lounge chair finds no parallel in hospitality and contract outfits.

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