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Smoke Suspension lamp: Diaphanous Orb

Smoke Suspension lamp: Diaphanous Orb |

The mystical Smoke Suspension Lamp envelops surroundings with an ethereal aura. A beautifully designed luminaire, the Smoke derives its name from the smoky effect of the lampshade. Made from blown glass, this suspension showcases the skilled craftsmanship of the Venetian tradition of blowing glass. Each unique lampshade interacts with the light source in a playful display. A classic sphere-shaped ball houses a dimmable LED light and is attached to a metal part suspended by a wire. The Smoke is available in both white and smoked versions. The diffused light emanating from the Smoke bathes the atmosphere in a magical glow. Used in clusters or in pretty compositions of varying lengths, the Smoke suspension can perfectly illumine large areas of contemporary hospitality and contract settings.

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