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Cosy Glow of Light

Mushroom Wall Lamp | Cosy Glow of Light |

The Mushroom Wall Lamp brings the essence of the outdoors into living spaces. This delicate wall lamp, inspired by mushrooms growing in the wild, adds beauty and freshness to contemporary interiors. The lampshade is a testimony to excellent artisanal skills and quality. The lamp shade recreates the mushroom’s shape with intricate hand-folded design patterns in white plastic. The pleated lampshade bears a striking resemblance and filters out deep diffused lighting from the light module inside. The rounded shade is attached to a bracket wall mount made from untreated light oak. The translucent plastic makes a sublime contrast with the natural oak tint.

Adjustable through the attached cord, the Mushroom works great as a bedside or accent lamp in hospitality, contract and residential settings.

Mushroom Wall Lamp | Cosy Glow of Light |
Mushroom Wall Lamp

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