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The Pendant with Breezy Openness

Icaro Ball Pendant | The Pendant with Breezy Openness

The Icaro Ball Pendant is a wonderful blend of industrial style and modern design aesthetic. The unique profile of the Icaro pendant is achieved by playing on a ‘design by removal’ approach. The spherical shaped pendant is composed of steel wires which are moulded to form a cage-like structure. Creating an outer shell, the wires fold inwards to form a bell-shaped structure that holds the light source. Edgy, fun and stylish, the charm of the Icaro is heightened by the open airy feel that allows soft filtering of light through the rounded wires. The light source is shielded by a fabric diffuser and the pendant is suspended by adjustable steel cables.

Useful as both an indoor and outdoor pendant, it’s perfect for adding a jazzy feel to contemporary hospitality, residential and contract areas.

Icaro Ball Pendant | The Pendant with Breezy Openness
Icaro ball pendant light

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