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Elegant Comfort

Hector Armchair | Elegant Comfort |

At times living rooms need to evoke the feeling of softness and decadence to create a warm and indulgent atmosphere. The Hector Chair can beautifully enhance this feeling to perfection! An elegant upholstered armchair from Laskasas, the Hector is sophistication personified. The moment you chance upon the Hector armchair, a sense of relaxation sweeps over you! Representing luxe furniture with aplomb, the chair impresses with the sweeping curve of its back that seamlessly merges with the rounded seat. What sets Hector apart is the cute button detailing on its backrest. Look out for the gold brushed tips of the slender legs. The plush velvet fabric on the body wins you over!

The Hector armchair looks inviting enough to curl up on with a book or just to while away some relaxing moments!

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