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Play of Light and Shadow

eclipsi wall lamp play of light and shadow fabiiacom

The Eclipsi Wall Lamp is a delightful play of light. A fun and edgy lamp, the Eclipsi brings forth an illusion of eclipse through its design as the name suggests. The wall lamp is a wonderful addition to contemporary spaces in terms of architectural lighting. The lamp consists of a circular acrylic diffuser with a built-in LED module. The round structure is covered with a circular metal plate of a smaller dimension. Fitted with a pivot, the integrated metal plate rotates in all directions allowing the user to cover the light diffuser according to needs. The metal covering gives the effect of an eclipse allowing soft indirect light to escape from it.

This creates a lovely effect, enchanting to behold. The Eclipsi wall lamp comes in two sizes and enlivens hospitality and contract interiors.

eclipsi wall lamp play of light and shadow fabiiacom
Eclipsi wall lamp
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