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A Versatile Outdoor Lamp

Diogene Lamp | A Versatile Outdoor Lamp |

The Diogene Lamp makes the ambience come alive. This outdoor lamp brings a wondrous feel to contemporary outdoor areas. The Diogene sports a metal structure with a polycarbonate diffuser shaped like a column. The metal is protected with electrolyte galvanising treatment for use in varied weather conditions. Attached with a hook on top, the Diogene houses a light source that can be powered by the mains or through a rechargeable battery. The lamp has multiple avatars and can be suspended as a pendant lamp, placed on a surface as a table lamp or even as a floor lamp. The open bottom allows warm downward light while the diffuser provides a soft ambient glow when used as a floor lamp.

Useful to carry around, the Diogene is a smart addition to hospitality, contract and residential settings.

Diogene Lamp | A Versatile Outdoor Lamp |
Diogene floor lamp

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