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The Saavy Seat

Dale Chair | The Saavy Seat |

With work from home being the order of the day, it’s but natural that we want to redo our homes to create an office like ambience. The primary thing that demands our attention is the office chair. With the Dale Chair, you need not look further! This offering from Laskasas is a spectacular seating solution, which immediately attracts with its form and looks. In a throwback to vintage furniture, the armrest in a single plane assures ample comfort while working long hours. Add the smart upholstery and you have a winner! If you thought it was too sombre looking, just watch out for the dainty polished golden steel details on its legs!

Exuding an element of strength from its appearance, this chair is an ideal fit for bold edgy interiors. The Dale is perfectly suitable as a dining chair even. 

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