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Layered Lighting

covetto pendant lamp layered lighting fabiiacom

Replete with Scandanavian design elegance, the Covetto Pendant Lamp brings refinement to interiors. This handmade pendant represents the best in artisanal excellence. The Covetto displays a sculpted profile that beautifully uplifts contemporary decor. Inspired by the shape of a globe, it features a lampshade that looks like a half globe. Composed of metal, the Covetto sports a layered look with four lids in ascending sizes separated by a tiny gap.  This gives a sliced appearance with light filtering out through the gaps. The Covetto offers downward lighting while the layered portions ensure a soft ambient glow.

Available in matt black, white and brass finishes, the pendant is suspended by a cord. This pendant enlivens hospitality, residential and contract spaces with its sublime presence.

covetto pendant lamp layered lighting fabiiacom
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