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Lie Back in Soothing Relaxation

Costes Sunbed | Lie Back in Soothing Relaxation

The Costes Sunbed invites one to unite with nature. Set apart by essential lines and solid craftsmanship, this outdoor sunbed aligns itself with contemporary surroundings. The sunbed is characterised by a spacious profile and a structure made out of solid teak that harmonises wonderfully with the outdoors. The recliner has a broad laid out elongated frame with teak slats aligned horizontally. The adjustable backrest can be fixed at customised heights. The Costes comes in natural or pickled teak. While the grainy texture shines bright in the natural version, the pickled version displays an aged and weathered grey patina.

The Costes sunbed comes with acrylic cushions that complement the frame. The sunbed is apt for poolside, garden and backyard settings of hospitality and contract spaces. 

Costes Sunbed | Lie Back in Soothing Relaxation
Costes sunbed

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