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Colour me Bright!

abc pendant lamp by modo luce is a contemporary pendant lamp for hospitality, contract and pendant settings

Interiors come alive with the presence of the ABC Pendant Lamp.  A melange of bold shapes and colours, the ABC pendant interprets the first three letters of the alphabet into artistic forms and infuses them with a vibrant presence. This delightful pendant consists of a conical structure with a stem quite like an upturned wine glass. An opal plexiglass diffuser allows the diffusion of downward light.  The end of the stem holds a mirror-like disc that softly throws off the diffused light. Coming in three sizes, the ABC pendant lamp is composed of metal. An array of lacquered finishes in bold pop colours accentuates the charm of the ABC pendant. Used as a single fixture or in compositions, the ABC can heighten the style quotient of contemporary hospitality, residential or contract interiors.  

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