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A Smart Pendant Lamp

clip pendant lamp a smart pendant lamp fabiiacom

With its neat profile, the Clip Pendant Lamp spells refinement. This pendant lamp uplifts contemporary living spaces with its minimalist appeal. The Clip pendant is a beautiful play on form, heightened by the effective use of empty space. The pendant features an elongated frame in metal. The Clip pendant is defined by a strong elliptical outline of bent metal. Two elongated curved diffusers in polycarbonate holding an LED  linear module are placed face to face and are attached to the frame with the help of metal rings on either end. The Clip offers both down and up lighting and the diffuser helps in emanating a soft glow.

The pendant comes in a range of metallic shades and is suspended from the ceiling with cables. The Clip enlightens hospitality, offices and contract projects with panache.

clip pendant lamp a smart pendant lamp fabiiacom
clip pendant lamp
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